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Undue Influence

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When Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia and other diseases limit seniors’ mental capacities, seniors often begin relying on relatives, neighbors or family friends to help fulfill their personal or financial affairs. Unfortunately, relationships built on trust sometimes become exploitative when seniors are involved.

The law firm of Hoyle Law, LLC, in Allenhurst represents clients contesting the validity of an estate or will based on allegations of undue influence. The firm also advocates for individuals wrongfully accused of exploiting seniors for their financial benefit.

Hoyle Law offers a comprehensive approach focused on separating emotions out of highly complicated disputes. Contact Hoyle Law today to discover the benefit of the firm’s hands-on, detailed approach.

Developing Compelling Claims To Secure Your Best Interests

Early in the legal process, Hoyle Law reviews medical records and consults doctors to understand the extent dementia, Alzheimer’s or another disease has had on an individual’s mental capacity. The firm also seeks to understand when the illness progressed.

Hoyle Law pieces together as much information as possible based on when the will or estate plan was modified. For example, if your loved one was treated for Alzheimer’s or dementia when the will was changed, the firm will develop a claim of undue influence based on the timeline of events. Hoyle Law will take its claim one step further by illustrating the extent of a confidential relationship. The law firm incorporates the right medical facts and witness testimony to prove a power of attorney or another individual took advantage of your loved one.

The legal team also offers a substantial background representing clients wrongfully accused of coercion or manipulation. Individuals working with the firm are skilled investigators prepared to show seniors were of sound mind when they changed their will or estate plan. For example, if the changes happened in the early stages of a progressive disease, the firm will demonstrate that the seniors had the ability to fully understand the terms of the estate plan. Hoyle Law devotes substantial resources to preserve the original intentions or a will or estate plan.

Contact Hoyle Law online or call 732-988-9595 to arrange a consultation in Allenhurst. The firm can respond quickly in emergency guardianship situations to protect your family member from further financial harm.

If you live out of state with concerns about your loved one in New Jersey, the firm is available to act as your legal advocate and counselor. Hoyle Law offers a substantial background working with out-of-state clients to protect their loved one’s best interests in Central New Jersey.