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Guardianship & Conservatorships

It’s always sad when our elders lose the mental or physical capacity to manage their own care. Whether it is due to sudden illness or gradual decline, there comes a moment to step in and help them. This is often a painful decision — one your elderly member or other relative may not like.

Hoyle Law, LLC, represents clients seeking to establish a guardianship or conservatorship for an incapacitated parent or developmentally disabled adult in Central New Jersey. Our firm counsels with compassion to preserve the dignity of loved ones while acting quickly to protect them from harm. Contact the law firm to schedule a consultation regarding any of the following:

As a legal team, the firm’s elder law attorneys work closely with clients to develop comprehensive solutions.

Outlining The Guardianship Process In Central New Jersey

Guardianships are designed to protect vulnerable individuals. To establish a guardianship, two doctors must conclude an individual is incapacitated, unable to manage himself or herself or personal affairs. The guardianship petition is filed with the probate court. A court-appointed attorney is then selected to represent the person in question, who may oppose the appointment.

At a hearing, Hoyle Law works to convince the judge that guardianship is necessary and that the guardian is well-suited for the role. If you are appointed as a guardian, Hoyle Law can assist with financial transactions, medical decisions, legal proceedings, and an annual accounting of the status of your ward.

In certain situations, families may wish to have a third party appointed guardian. The firm also represents clients in guardianship disputes, contesting the appointment of a particular guardian as unfit to provide the best care.

Qualifications In Guardianship Law

The entire firm benefits from the experience of John Hoyle. John Hoyle is a Certified Master Guardian, one of only two in all of New Jersey. The designation by the Center for Guardianship Certification recognizes his demonstrated knowledge and the significant portion of his practice devoted to guardianship and probate law. Local judges frequently appoint him as counsel or legal guardian for individuals without close family, or as special medical guardian for those without a living will. He is also certified as a mediator by the New Jersey Superior Court, often called upon to resolve guardianship disputes.

Contact Hoyle Law online or call 732-988-9595 to arrange a consultation in Allenhurst. The firm can respond quickly in emergency guardianship situations to protect your family member from further physical or financial harm.

For your added convenience, you may prepare for your consultation by downloading and filling out guardianship questionnaires. You may also reference the firm’s legal article to learn more about the guardianship process in New Jersey.