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Breach of Fiduciary Duty

20 Years Of Experience In Probate Litigation

Trustees, administrators and executors act as fiduciaries managing a large sum of money for beneficiaries. Fiduciaries are responsible to put their personal interests aside when given complete discretion over beneficiaries’ finances.

When beneficiaries fail to act with complete honesty and integrity, experienced legal help is critical. For 20 years, Hoyle Law, LLC, has pursued claims against trustees, executors and administrators for violating their fiduciary duty. The firm also represents fiduciaries falsely accused of making improper decisions or acting in conflict of the fiduciaries’ best interests.

Handling Breach Of Fiduciary Duty Claims In Allenhurst

Fiduciaries are responsible for putting their interests aside when handling a large sum of money for beneficiaries. Unfortunately, trustees and executors have been known to overlook the beneficiaries’ best interests and commit fraud for their own financial gain.

In other circumstances, trustees and executors fall into a trap of unintentionally breaching their fiduciary duty by being unaware of their responsibilities. Hoyle Law offers a strong background handling breach of fiduciary duty claims, involving:

  • Mishandled assets from an estate or trust
  • Failure to provide asset protection
  • Failure to distribute funds in a timely manner
  • Withheld payments to beneficiaries for personal benefit
  • Execution of affairs in conflict with beneficiaries’ best interests

Hoyle Law knows the right experts to consult in developing a compelling legal argument. The firm works directly with forensic accountants to trace where the assets from a transaction went. Hoyle Law also will consult professional trustees to illustrate the level of work performed was consistent with the responsibilities expected of fiduciaries.

Contact Hoyle Law online or call 732-988-9595 to arrange a consultation with an experienced lawyer in Allenhurst. The firm can respond quickly in an emergency situation to protect your family member from financial harm.

The firm offers a substantial background in working with out-of-state clients to protect their loved one’s best interests in Central New Jersey. If you live out of state with concerns about your loved one in New Jersey, Hoyle Law is available to act as your legal counselor and advocate.