Planning For
Every Possibility

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Estate Planning

A well-constructed estate plan efficiently transfers wealth to your spouse or heirs, and anticipates difficult decisions they may face if you are incapacitated. Hoyle Law, LLC, provides sophisticated estate planning solutions that cover every contingency.

Attorney John Hoyle III started this law firm with the vision of offering comprehensive estate planning solutions beyond a simple will. If you have not drafted a will or need to update one, contact the law firm online or call 732-988-9595 for an appointment.

The firm’s experienced elder law attorneys will review your financial situation and discuss your long-term goals. For added convenience, clients may prepare for their consultations by downloading and filling out estate planning questionnaires.

Basic Estate Planning Solutions

The firm tailors its approach based on clients’ unique needs and circumstances. For clients interested in basic estate planning solutions, the firm offers:

  • A simple will declaring who will inherit your assets and who would care for your minor children.
  • A durable power of attorney appointing a trusted person to handle your affairs if you cannot.
  • An advance health care directive that (a) declares your “living will” wishes regarding life support and (b) appoints a spouse or other trusted person to make medical decisions on your behalf.

Hoyle Law works closely with clients to anticipate both likely and unlikely events — any scenario not covered may lead to divisive family fights or results never intended.

Beyond The Basics

Many clients have special circumstances requiring a sophisticated solution, or wish to place conditions on an inheritance. The firm’s Allenhurst estate planning lawyers have the skills to handle complex estate plans involving a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Nontraditional couples — gay and lesbian civil union property agreements
  • Blended families — complex wills to protect inheritance of children from previous marriages
  • Preservation of assets for a noncitizen spouse
  • Will structuring to keep in-laws from inheriting
  • Business succession planning
  • Federal estate tax avoidance and asset preservation
  • Special needs trust — trusts developed for a disabled family member, pet or a favorite charity
  • Incentive trust — inherit upon college graduation
  • Spendthrift trust to dole out inheritance over time to a minor child or irresponsible adult
  • Medicaid or nursing home planning

Whatever your dilemma or desire, Hoyle Law can devise a will or trust to meet your objective. Contact our Allenhurst office online or call 732-988-9595 to arrange a consultation with an experienced elder law attorney in Allenhurst.