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Client Testimonials

We have included the following testimonials from a few of our clients because what others have to say about us means more than anything we could ever say about ourselves.


Prior to going to Hoyle Law, I was in the middle of changing guardianship of my uncle to me. Needless to say, I had no idea how to proceed nor what it entailed nor that I needed a lawyer. To my rescue came Rosemary Simon of Hoyle Law.

Thanks to Rosemary, I was guided thoroughly in all facets of our legal concerns of the guardianship changeover. The communication she provided was very thorough and most reassuring in lieu of the fact that the process would take a year to resolve. Rosemary treated me like one would treat an old friend. Always with a big and caring smile of reassurance. The biggest asset she provided was her timely communication which I cannot overstate. The biggest difference I found with Hoyle Law and other law firms is the open welcoming to the firm. Hoyle Law is not just a, “Hello. How can I help you?” But a “HELLO, How are you? What can we help you with?” My personal experience with them was great and they always responded on a timely fashion. You will feel welcomed and reassured by their professionalism.

I already have made a recommendation of Hoyle Law to my daughter, and, I am so please with Rosemary Simon that my wife and I came back to do our wills. And as expected, Rosemary was there to deliver.

José Quiñones
Freehold, NJ
July 2019


I employed the services of Hoyle Law to represent my niece and myself in the proceedings to obtain guardianship of my sister. My sister’s health had declined rapidly and was placed in a nursing facility. The facility tried to obtain guardianship for financial reasons. I contacted the office of Hoyle Law and spoke with Rosemary Simon.

She was very prompt in assisting me with the matters at hand. Throughout the process over several months Ms. Simon was very professional in addressing the situation and guiding us on the next moves. She was also very personable, caring, and supportive when things got a bit difficult for us.

She was instrumental in reaching out to the other attorneys and the court on our behalf. A heavy burden was lifted off my shoulders during the process. The Hoyle Law firm will be highly recommended because I appreciate Ms. Simon’s work ethic and all of her support in getting the job done.

Thank you Rosemary for your love and support throughout this time. We appreciate you.

– Mary A.,Eatontown, NJ
April 2019

Transfer of Guardianship

I worked with Rosemary Simon beginning in August of 2018 through February of 2019 with the transfer of Guardianship from Florida to New Jersey for my brother with special needs.

Rosemary was wonderful to deal with from our first phone call and preliminary meeting through to the final Guardianship Judgement. She was very upfront with how involved this process would be.

I had previously worked with a lawyer in Florida who handled the Florida guardianship process for the years prior to my brother relocating to New Jersey. I provided Rosemary with that lawyer’s contact information and they corresponded directly with each other, copying myself of course. This was very helpful to me, given my limited knowledge of the law in both states.

Rosemary was extremely knowledgeable and thorough, explaining everything very well. In addition, she was always very prompt to respond to my emails and phone calls. Her professionalism and expertise are highly commendable.

I would highly recommend Rosemary and Hoyle Law. She went above and beyond during the entire process.

-JM, Sea Girt, NJ
March 2019

I was in need and looking for a Special Needs Lawyer. I have an adult son with Autism. I have used a Special Needs lawyer in the past. I was not happy with the results I received from them and I really wanted someone close to home. So I looked and came across Hoyle Law in Allenhurst. I then read the testimonials especially the ones for Rosemary Simon. All that was said was very impressive and I decided to give her a call. It was a Saturday afternoon and the firm was closed for the day. I left a message for Rosemary and I received a phone call promptly from her on Monday morning. I told her the situation I was having with Social Security and the Special Needs Trust I had set up for my son with the other law firm. We set up a meeting to meet. Rosemary made me feel very comfortable from the very start. It was very comforting to have someone to work with who can take all of your information and give you the help you need. I felt so fortunate I had found Rosemary who was always available to me by phone or emails. She was also available for Social Security when they called her about my case. Rosemary looked over my Special Needs Trust and explained to Social Security in language that they understood. My situation with Social Security was resolved quickly because of Rosemary’s knowledge and expertise. This whole experience was so much easier on me because of Rosemary. She helped me in my time of need. Words cannot express my gratitude for her care, concerns and professionalism. I highly recommend and would definitely use Hoyle Law again if the need arises.

-Andrea Gorman
Monmouth Beach
February 2019

I am writing for the benefit of individuals and families seeking legal advisement and representation. In this connection, I refer Ms. Rosemary Simon, Esq. and her team at Hoyle Law with a confidence assured by direct personal experience. Here is the basis for my unequivocal endorsement:

I was my mother’s Permanent Guardian. Upon her passing, there were issues as to her Will. We first spoke by phone and briefly reviewed the case. Rosemary apprised me of alternatives and we agreed on a course of action.

Rosemary approached the task openly and with evident empathy for my concerns and my at times indecisive ambivalence, with clarifying responses to my inquiries whether minute or central, and with considerate patience for the various other vicissitudes both personal and inherent in resolving a legal complication. I wanted to approach this problem ethically and without animus. At no time did I sense inducements to pursue any other goal. Moreover, she and her firm extended considerable mutual and reciprocal trust. Her attendant thoroughness and calm approach was to say the least impressive.

Rosemary, I think, at once both warm and personable remained throughout constant and professional. In receiving and reviewing documents, she was ever receptive to my input, understanding and requests for explanation. In receiving her research summaries, I was astonished to find she discovered historical specifics I myself had not noticed. More yet, insofar as we were on opposite coasts, East and West, she adapted admirably and helped me adapt to communicating over the distance. It really became quite automatic, I can only imagine the ease of working locally.

I could go on at greater length and into greater detail along these lines, but a brief comment is probably both more effective as it is merciful. Certainly, professional clinical experience and previous professorships do not necessarily validate a perspective, but I make excepted mention because it perhaps affords me an opportunity to recognize when a professional has achieved a level of ability one can call accomplished.

-William Orange, CA
April 2018

I employed the services of Hoyle Law to represent my Aunt and myself in proceedings to obtain guardianship of my Aunt. This was a contested situation and Stacey Maiden and Hoyle Law demonstrated acute courtroom skills to ensure our case was well represented resulting in a positive outcome for my Aunt and myself. During the course of working with Ms. Maiden, she always remained very responsive and prompt in addressing issues as they arose. I will also include that although her services were highly professional, Ms. Maiden was very personable, supportive, and caring in difficult situations. It is very important to me when working with an attorney, that you can trust they are giving their best in a responsive, efficient manner. I believe Stacey Maiden and Hoyle Law achieved this high level of service.

-Tony F. of Charlotte, Vermont
November 2017

Our son was turning 18 (and is disabled). We felt we needed to obtain the legal power to protect him when he turned 18. Rosemary explained to us about obtaining guardianship. She explained the process and the benefits clearly and worked with us every step. She was very professional and courteous. She made us feel very comfortable to ask any questions no matter how small the question was. She always replied to us very promptly and the answer was always very clear and in detail. Rosemary understood our needs clearly and provided the best solution. We would recommend Rosemary and Hoyle Law based on our experience.

-Ocean Township Residents, Monmouth County, NJ
September 2016

We were seeking admission for our mother to a nursing home and knew a Medicaid application would be necessary. Rosemary answered all of our questions big and small. She explained the process thoroughly and patiently and advised us on matters we would have been hopeless to navigate on our own. Rosemary treated us kindly and professionally, yet advocated for us strongly and always kept the ball rolling and the process moving along.

I work with real estate attorneys in New Jersey on a daily basis for my work. Hoyle Law goes above and beyond most other firms I’ve encountered in the expertise and experience in their field of practice.

I would recommend Hoyle Law. First of all it’s just absolutely necessary. Elder care is a minefield of tax and legal regulation that a regular person is just not going to be able to navigate on their own. Secondly they just know what they are doing. They are going to be there for you and see you through. Dealing with aging parents is one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever had to deal with. You need to have professionals in your corner.

– Jana Matawan, NJ
July 2016

We were dealing with a complex situation involving financial responsibilities as trustee for a family member who cannot support herself and is not receiving adequate support from the State. Our situation is compounded by arcane social security and disability laws which constrain my sister from receiving family assistance to help her live day to day at the lowest imaginable poverty level.

Ms. Simon has mastery of all subject matter related to my issues but more importantly she has a superior ability to listen and interpret my inept explanations. The tempo of our conversation was comfortable and unhurried, providing ample time to explain things until we both felt we understood each other. Afterwards, Ms. Simon sent us an 8-page summary of our meeting and included line-by-line recommendations which I still refer to frequently.

In our first meeting with Ms. Simon, we were immediately at-ease with her presence and approach, almost as if we were sitting with a smart cousin who showed caring and understanding toward us. Ms. Simon sensed our difficulty in trying to explain our own complicated issues and asked very insightful questions to help us tell our own story.

We have worked with other attorneys on these same issues and the difference in attitude and patience is dramatic; previous attorneys who we paid have rushed us through our explanations and offered lofty legal responses which we had little grasp of and offered absolutely no plain language follow-up summary; worse yet, any clarifying questions that we sent in were answered only briefly and never promptly, phone calls were never returned.

Ms. Simon left us with a very good impression and I presume her professionalism, expertise and compassion are representative of other attorneys in Hoyle Law, so for these reasons I would refer any friend or family member to her and Hoyle Law at every opportunity.

– Tom C. of Ocean County, NJ
March 2016

My mother was in poor health and living conditions, and I sought out the help of Hoyle Law to understand the proper process for acquiring Legal Guardianship. Time was of the essence, as my mother’s health was declining sharply due to extremely poor living conditions. Additionally, legal assistance was needed to stop the ongoing abuse my mother had been experiencing, in terms of both neglect and financial abuse by other family members.

Rosemary’s wise and lucid counsel was instrumental in my being able to quickly navigate the New Jersey Surrogate Office, and their requirements for guardianship. Her efforts resulted in a rapid assignment of temporary guardianship, allowing me to immediately secure effective medical care for my mother, and safeguarding off her assets.

Rosemary was exceedingly professional throughout my work with her. She worked with compassion and understanding, as this was a very sensitive matter for me, but also maintained a solid professional persona. Frequently, legal firms work with you based solely on their perception of financial value to them and/or their firm. Hoyle Law was not “in it for the money” as their sole driver; they made me and my family feel as if they genuinely cared, and wanted to see a positive and just outcome.

– Joseph M., Napa, CA

Ms. Simon was referred to me in the midst of legal proceeding related to a family member’s estate. I was faced with a number of problems and completely overwhelmed. She was wonderful in guiding me through the legal maze in a professional and efficient manner. Ms. Simon was masterful in the courtroom and minimized what could have been a lengthy and expensive court process. I am very grateful to have been directed her way and appreciate all the help she provided at an incredibly difficult time in my life.

– Carolyn C.

I retained Rosemary Simon, Esq., to assist with my duties as Executrix of my father’s estate. Since I am not a resident of New Jersey, I was in need of counsel that could clearly articulate the necessary steps required by the State to settle the estate and who was available via email and telephone. I found Rosemary to be a very knowledgeable and caring attorney. Utilizing a professional, yet down to earth approach, Rosemary guided me through what I considered a complicated web of legalities involved with my father’s estate. Rosemary was always available to answer questions with grace, accuracy and clarity. I highly recommend the professional services of Rosemary Simon, Esq., and Hoyle Law.

– Julie L.

John Hoyle is absolutely an inestimable attorney!

There are not enough words to show my gratitude and appreciation for everything he has accomplished for me. He is extremely intelligent, patient, thorough, kind, and personable. He invites you to discuss your matter at your own pace. He is somewhat soft spoken, however while at work his voice is prominent and he maintains a confident aura.

He came to me highly recommended by a very large firm. I researched him on the internet and found he had graduated Honors: With Distinction (wow!), Dean’s List, Honor Roll, and Top 10%. I highly recommend you read his complete profile on his website (very impressive).

When I first met John, I did not know what to expect. After my initial consultation, I walked out of his office with certain calmness, saying to myself “everything is going to be okay.” I knew in my heart this plausible man would handle these matters quickly and flawlessly…and he did! I have “zero” reservations or hesitations to recommend John Hoyle for these matters. He listened and then he executed – he truly is a “master” in his field.

Anne Marie P., Monmouth County

Any client will experience great compassion, understanding and intelligence if they use John G. Hoyle III, Esq., as their attorney. John knows exactly what he is doing and is confident in his legal abilities– but at the same time, he is very patient. I would never have taken my family legal matters to any of the big law firms where you’re just a number.

John took a heavy burden off my shoulders– something that I had been carrying around for a long time and I just didn’t know what to do or who to talk to.

– John D., Ocean Township

Both John G. Hoyle III, Esq., and Rosemary Simon, Esq., assisted my family with a Guardianship matter. John and Rosemary were thorough, explaining everything very well and, in the end, the entire process was seamless with no surprises. They both made sure we understood everything and were comfortable with our decisions. Any time we had questions, one of them was immediately available to address our concerns

– Dan & Debbie D., Monmouth County

John G. Hoyle III, Esq., represented my wife and me during a long and difficult legal dispute which lasted two years. During the process John faced several opposing lawyers and steadfastly prepared our case for judicial review. There were highs and lows of course, as in any legal situation, but John remained focused and was always calm, patient, understanding and, above all, very compassionate. His keen knowledge of the law allowed him to produce excellent briefs outlining our position which resulted in a successful conclusion of the matter.

– Lawrence C., Monmouth County

I was unfortunately involved in a legal dispute over certain end of life decision making relating to my mother. The attorneys at Hoyle Law, specifically, John G. Hoyle III, Esq., and Rosemary Simon, Esq., kept me focused on the issues at hand and counseled me on keeping my emotions in check. Their advice assisted me in making rational and logical decisions. At the same time, both John and Rosemary always maintained a warm and caring professional relationship. In fact, many times throughout the process they felt like a brother or sister trying to help me.

– Joseph L., Monmouth County

As a retired New Jersey Superior Court Judge, I have known John G. Hoyle III, Esq., for many years. I was most recently the Presiding Judge of the Chancery Division, General Equity Part in Monmouth County. That court handles not only general equity matters, as its name indicates, but also all Probate matters in the county. Monmouth County is a high volume county which required my personal involvement in hundreds of Probate matters per year. Many of those matters involved the appointment of an attorney or guardian for incapacitated persons. During my tenure, I appointed John to either act as guardian or as attorney for alleged incapacitated persons on many occasions. John handled these matters in a diligent and highly competent manner and, more importantly, exhibited great empathy and concern for the individuals involved, including both the alleged incapacitated persons and their families.

Since my retirement from the Bench, I have entered the private sector and am presently acting as the Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer for one of the largest health care providers in New Jersey. As I oversee six hospitals in the Central New Jersey area, situations often arise with patients who require emergent medical treatment but who, unfortunately, are without immediate family members. When this occurs, we now turn to John to file guardianship applications on the hospital’s behalf seeking the appointment of a guardian to make decisions that are in the best interest of these patients. As these matters are always time sensitive, I know I can count on John to immediately respond to my call and file the guardianship application without hesitation. As I have many other responsibilities, I rest assured knowing John will arrange for expedited Court hearing and the matter will be immediately addressed by the Court.

– Hon. Alexander D. Lehrer, P.J.Ch. (retired)

I was recommended to John G. Hoyle III, Esq., by an attorney I retained in the past. John is extremely kind and courteous. John and his staff are professional, personable and knowledgeable of the law. John and his staff are the greatest. I can call John’s office and have my questions answered very quickly.

During the course of his representation, John treated my wife and me with respect. He treated me like I was his only client. He took the time to explain everything in a way I could understand.

Thanks John for the great job you have always done for us.

– Tony & Karlene C., Ocean County

I needed a new Will, Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorney. John G. Hoyle III, Esq., and Rosemary Simon, Esq., were very professional and helpful. They asked questions to assure I was making the correct decisions. Rosemary was not stuffy and she did not use legal terminology that the average person would not understand.

– Irene K., Ocean Grove

Unfortunately, my father suffered a near fatal stroke. Assigned as his Power of Attorney I was looking for the best guidance in handling his affairs. Rosemary Simon, Esq., at Hoyle Law was there to help. Her expertise and advice put me in control and abetted my worries. She is compassionate– not pushy or overbearing, and knows the law. I am comfortable knowing that when my dad does pass, I will have all the right information at my fingertips to make the final actions as painless as possible, considering the circumstances.

– Donna L., Asbury Park

The death of my father brought the need for legal advice in dealing with the Probate of his Last Will and Testament. John G. Hoyle III, Esq., was extremely professional, very understanding and clear in explaining all legal details. John was proactive in answering questions, anticipating questions before they were asked. John has a thorough understanding of Estate and Probate law and answers questions in a manner that can be understood by a layman.

All billing statements from Hoyle Law were clear and well-documented and every call was promptly returned.

– Edward S., Asbury Park

My sister has been in a nursing home for several years. As I had been taking care of her since our mother passed away in 1992, I wanted to apply for guardianship of her since she is cognitively impaired.

I retained Rosemary Simon, Esq., who promptly answered all my questions and concerns. Rosemary is very professional and quick in getting everything accomplished. Rosemary was always available when I needed any questions answered. Her answers were always to the point with no beating around the bush.

– Manju S., Middlesex County

It was the summer of 2009. I was in a panic after being told my mom could NEVER go on Medicaid (by a social service employee). Rosemary assisted me from the very beginning. My case was especially difficult and demanding. She helped me understand what could be done to help get my mom on Medicaid. She prepared the application and sent numerous letters and made countless phone calls.

Rosemary treated me with kindness and kept in consistent communication with me through email, letters and phone calls.

Hoyle Law, LLC was highly recommend for Elder Law and Rosemary was much better at explaining matters of law and more patient with me than other attorneys I met with.

I highly recommend Rosemary because I appreciate her work ethic and tenacity in getting the job done!

Karen P., Wall, New Jersey