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Incapacitated Will Contests

Alzheimer’s, dementia and other progressive diseases affect seniors at different rates. One day a senior may have clear focus, while the next day he or she may struggle making simple decisions. This time of uncertainty can stir emotional disputes over whether a loved one was competent enough to make changes to his or her estate plan.

The law firm of Hoyle Law, LLC, offers an extensive background of handling will contests throughout Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties. The firm seeks to overcome emotional barriers by offering a business-model approach. Similar to a divorce, neither side will secure a true victory in disputes between family members. The firm is an effective negotiator committed to pursuing a compromise between dueling parties.

Entrust Our Law Firm To Handle Will Contests In Central New Jersey

The firm’s background advocating to secure seniors’ best interests enables it to effectively handle will contests. The firm also knows firsthand the other local attorneys who practice probate litigation in Allenhurst and surrounding areas. The firm’s high credibility makes it possible to negotiate to secure clients’ best interests and avoid costly conflicts. Contact tghe law firm today to meet with an experienced probate litigation attorney.

Determining Lack Of Mental Capacity In Will Contests

If your loved one was incompetent at the time his or her will was modified, any changes to the will or estate plan will be considered invalid. However, proving a senior had the mental capacity to create a will or modify it can be particularly challenging. One day dementia or Alzheimer’s could impair your loved one’s mental capacity, while the next day he or she could be fully competent.

Hoyle Law seeks to overcome this challenge by consulting industry-leading medical experts. The firm works with them to understand if dementia or Alzheimer’s affected your loved one’s ability to understand the extent of his or her assets or relationship to beneficiaries. Hoyle Law develops compelling legal arguments through incorporating evidence illustrating chronic incapacity. The firm also includes witness testimony verifying your loved one lacked the mental capacity to fully comprehend the extent of the changes to a will or estate plan.

Contact Hoyle Law online or call 732-988-9595 to arrange a consultation in Allenhurst. If you believe an unscrupulous person took advantage of your incapacitated parent, Hoyle Law will act quickly to prove undue influence.

The firm offers a substantial background working with out-of-state clients to protect their loved one’s best interests in Central New Jersey. If you live out of state with concerns about your loved one in New Jersey, Hoyle Law is available to act as your legal counselor and advocate.