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Guardianship Disputes

When individuals are unable to manage their personal or financial affairs, a legal guardian is critical to preserve their best interests. Adult children or siblings commonly step in to act as a power of attorney or guardian. Unfortunately, differing opinions over a loved one’s best interests can lead to bitter guardianship disputes.

Hoyle Law, LLC, offers a compassionate approach tempered with sound judgment when handling guardianship disputes in Allenhurst, Ocean County and Middlesex County. The firm understands the raw emotions involved in disputes over a loved one’s future. It seeks to separate out the emotional issues and address critical concerns. The strategic negotiation skills of the firm’s team help to avoid long, drawn-out courtroom battles.

Entrust Our Law Firm With Your Guardianship Disputes

The entire firm draws on the knowledge of John G. Hoyle III, a Certified Master Guardian, offering 20 years of experience. Recognized by the Center for Guardianship Certification, he is one of only two individuals in New Jersey with this certification.

Local judges frequently appoint him as counsel or legal guardian for individuals without close family, or as special medical guardian for those without a living will who require medical treatment. He is also certified as a mediator by the New Jersey Superior Court, often called upon to resolve guardianship disputes. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at the law firm’s office located in the revitalized downtown of Allenhurst.

Seeking To Resolve Guardianship Disputes In Central New Jersey

Hoyle Law, LLC, represents clients seeking to establish a guardianship or conservatorship for an incapacitated parent or developmentally disabled adult. Once a guardianship application is made, a court-appointed attorney is responsible to advocate in the best interests of the senior or the disabled adult. The court normally makes a determination based largely on the recommendations from the court-appointed attorney.

The firm will act quickly, demonstrating to the court-appointed attorney why you should be appointed guardian. The firm’s elder law attorneys will demonstrate why you would be an effective guardian based on your parent’s needs outlined in the life care plan. If you have reason to believe another relative would take advantage of your parent, the firm would demonstrate those concerns to preserve your parent’s best interests.

Contact Hoyle Law online or call 732-988-9595 to arrange a consultation in Allenhurst. If you live out of state with concerns about your loved one in New Jersey, the firm is available to act as your legal advocate and counselor. Hoyle Law offers a substantial background working with out-of-state clients to protect their loved one’s best interests in Central New Jersey.

For your added convenience, you may prepare for your consultation by downloading and filling out guardianship questionnaires. Potential clients may also reference the firm’s legal article to learn more about the guardianship process in New Jersey.